Operating out of Bendigo Airport in Victoria, Australia since 2008 - Graeme Serjeant "Sarge" has been taking to the skies since 1965 and is a long time aviation enthusiast 

offering personal professional training with high emphasis on safety.

Sarge has thousands of hours flying experience in many ultralight and general aviation aeroplanes including high performance aerobatic aircraft..

Dreaming of Flying?

Wondering if you would like it ? Give sarge a call on 0427217112 or purchase a gift voucher on line and give it a try . Looking for a gift for someone special ? Purchase a trial flight (TIF) on line for $180 ,or a or a 3 hour voucher (For a 5 hour 3 lesson experience ) for $540 and let them really see how they enjoy learning to fly.

Or if they already have a flying certificate perhaps a 3 hour voucher ( $540 ) for the start of their navigation training or towards their Advanced Pilot Award to make them a more confident and safer pilot


Sarge during the first flight with a new 150HP engine in his Knight Twister Imperial based on a 1930s racing biplane.