You Can Do This 

Trial Instructional Flight

  • Ever dreamed of learning to fly ?

  • Ever wondered if you will like it ?

  • Its Fun, rewarding and gives you a new sense of freedom. Why not purchase for someone you love, or even yourself a Trial Flight for Christmas.

Give Sarge a call on 0427217112 and arrange a time to meet.

Come and see Sarg at Bendigo Airport where he will let you have a fly of the aircraft. As an instructor he will give you the reigns to see what you think. He will teach you about the aircraft, and get you comfortable in it.

Note: This video is for demonstrational purposes only and is not hte actual aircraft you will be using.

Get Started From $180.00

You will be taking your ride in a Tecnam, one of the most widely used training aircraft in Australia and extremely safe.