• Training in a TECNAM P92, factory built light sport aircraft.

  • Tail wheel training and endorsement available in own aircraft.

  • Instructor training available.

  • Tecnam P92 Super Echo available for hire.

Flying Hours Required

Minimum 20-hours flight training in a recreational aircraft is required (Including 5-hours solo).

Whilst you may find a company who will give you a licence in 20-hours, you need to ask yourself - is this safe for me and for my future passengers?

Your safety is more important to me, than a quick result - Quick results may end up in a tragedy.

Whilst in some cases it can be achieved in 20-hours, it will possibly take  30-hours or more to get your licence, dependent on the following factors:

  1. Your ability to study the Training Manuals and PASS your Written Exams.

  2. Previous flying experience.

  3. Dedication.

  4. Your aptitude.

  5. Depending on how often you fly.

  6. It can be helpful to use the same aircraft, with the same instructor throughout your training.


Sarges Light Sport Aviation

Personal, Professional Flying Training

Learn with a seasoned professional. Start now for a future in aviation.

Age Limits

  • No age minimum to begin flying lessons, subject to Sarge being satisfied that the student is able to understand and comply with instructions. 

  • Minimum age 15-years before flying solo without an instructor.

  • No maximum age limit providing that you meet the medical requirements.

  • Guys, girls, men and women - flying is for everyone!

Clothing Requirements

  • Covered shoes.

  • Suitable clothing.