Trial Instructional Flight

This "Total experience" introductory flying lesson will require approximately one and a half hours of your time.

Before flying you will enjoy a pre flight briefing and introduction to the aeroplane you will be flying.

Your flight time of a whole hour in the aeroplane allows ample time to permit instruction and for you to experience personally flying the aeroplane under my instruction and supervision.

We will enjoy a post flight briefing. The experiences you enjoyed in flight will make so much more sense now that you have flown the aeroplane.

Book your trial instruction experience for just $180

This flight can be your first official hour of flight training towards your Pilot Certificate.

Costs associated with learning to fly

RAA Membership - 12 months RAA Student Licence and Membership (Includes quarterly RAA Magazine)

Adult membership   $250

Junior membership  $179  ( under 18 )

Joining fee $22


NO joining fee or mandatry "club" membership fees when you fly with Sarges Aviation.


Theory Kit and Logbook approx. $150

Lessons including normal briefings cost  $220 per hour  aircraft operating time.

The regulations require a minimum of twenty hours flying time of which five must be solo before a flight certificate test can be conducted. However to attain a proficient safe standard of flying it usually takes longer depending on the students age aptitude and commitment to the training programme.

It typically takes approx. 30-hours.

Trial Instructional Flight Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are valid for 6-months - subject to negotiation for an extension if you have a special circumstance. 

Gift voucher for 1 hour introductory lesson plus 2 additional one hour lessons and pre- flight briefings $540 or for first 3 hours of navigation or Advanced Pilot Award training

Costs associated with transfer from GA or GFA to RAA

RAA Membership

Aircraft and Instructor approx. $1,000 for the following

  • ​Flight records checked by instructor.

  • Flight test.

  • 5-hours flying in a RAA approved training aircraft (Including a minimum 1-hour solo).

  • Cost are kept minimal for experienced pilots