I have recently purchased the Savannah VG, thanks to Graeme with his professional tuition, and training; keenness on getting safety and everything right, which prepares you for the final step, which is the purchase of a aircraft.

David Fenn

Victoria, Australia

January 2016

I can highly recommend Graeme as an Instructor.  I am a GA pilot and bought a Skyfox ultralight tail dragger aircraft that was giving me issues trying to land.  I do not believe that there are many other instructors that could have done as good of a job transitioning me to the low inertia tail dragger.


Graeme is very good at letting the student fly to the limits of their ability but not beyond.  Safety is paramount to Graeme and he shares my belief that every circuit should be flown in such a way, as to get back to a safe landing should the engine fail.  This generally means close circuits even though it is less money in Graeme's pocket (very unlike other instructors who fly massively large circuits over tiger country with no hope of making it back to the airport in the event of an engine failure).


I very much enjoyed my time flying with Graeme and he has become a good friend.



Guy Dutertre

Bedfordale, Western Australia

Flying with Graeme Serjeant  - Sarge's Light Sport Aviation I think like most people that fly, I had wanted to fly from quite young, but was not able to afford such a glamorous and expensive pastime. GA was too expensive (still is) and inexpensive RAA light sport planes were not available then. Unless you were up for "rag and tube" flying, there was no affordable option.

In late 2009 two things happened for me. First, my wife advised me she would be happy for me to learn to fly "one of those small, but real planes" and she might even go up in it for short flights. The second thing, a week later, while I was meeting with a friend and supplier to my work, a bloke walked in wearing a pilot uniform looking very professional. I was introduced to "Sarge" and advised he was "the local bloke to teach me to fly". Two days later I did my Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) with Sarges Light Sport Aviation.

That was it! Every spare moment I could get from a very hectic work life and family time, was going to be spent learning to fly with Sarge in his very stylish, Italian built Tecnam P92.

Sarge walked me through the syllabus, patient when I had a long break from lessons due work commitments, or arrived stressed from work demands, he would pick the next thing to be learnt and methodically and interestingly teach me the theory before we went for the practical flying lesson.

This was a fantastic time, learning something new every lesson from really well presented notes, and an instructor who really new his stuff and how to teach it. The training was revising the previous lessons to ensure understanding, introduction to new concepts and then out to fly. Wow, I was living the dream, the one I had thought a step too far.

I now have over 700 hrs in my log book.  The first x country flight, a couple of days after gaining my endorsement, was Bendigo to Gympie in QLD.  Sarge has trained me from very beginning, to cross country with passenger endorsement. He has trained me and gained permission for me to fly in controlled air space into the Avalon Airshow.

I always felt safe and confident learning with Sarge. I remember him telling me, "he would not send me on my own unless he would be confident to send his family with me".


Mostly I fly with my wife Keren, we camp underwing using light weight camping/hiking gear. Keren describes us as backpackers with a plane? I have flown to the best parts of Australia, over many different trips such as, Tasmania, Lake Eyre, up the East Coast, across the the top end, through the middle, all the West Coast, all the way across the southern coast and dozens of "fly ins" dotted across our great country.

If you want to learn to fly I can recommend Sarges Light Sport Aviation, you will learn feeling safe and finish the training with the knowledge and skills to keep yourself safe.


Go on, learn to fly with Sarge, you know you want to - I will never look back. 


Peter Gillespie